Quality Seed

We take extra effort to ensure that the seed you plant will result in the highest possible results. No end of bin, low germ, suspect seed. Only quality, high germination seed from the best growers, brokers and brands.

Dedicated Specialists

We have assembled a group of knowledgeable dedicated specialists in the field and on the phone to help you get the best results year after year. Our regional specialists live and farm locally. They understand your needs.

Local Dealers

Our network of local dealers that can help you today! The vast majority of these dealers are also practitioners of cover cropping.

They talk the talk AND walk the walk!

Our Knowledge.

Your Benefit.


As a nationwide distributor of cover crop seeds and blends, we support a large base of seed dealers with up-to-date education, in-field support and a large database of “How-To”. We are farmers. Our acres of cover cropped corn, beans and more were the start of our business.

We don’t just sell, we know.

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