Our Story


We founded our company with an ‘education first’ philosophy. We are with you from bag to bushel ensuring that not only do you have the best seed and solution for your cover crop needs, but have the support and follow-through year after year to understand the process and target each plot for the best effect. As a nationwide distributor of cover crop seeds and blends, we support a large base of seed dealers with up-to-date education, in-field support and a large database of “How-To”.


We are farmers. Our acres of cover cropped corn, beans and more were the start of our business. We don’t just sell, we know. With over 2,100 acres of no-till land in cycles of 1 to 11 years, we have an a vested interest in finding them best fit for specific plots as well as the most economical solutions. We do what we recommend.


We have established a nationwide partnership of dealers to allow you quick and affordable access to our premium seed and blends. We empower these dealers with the broad base of eduction we bring to the table as well as the local support and trust you come to expect from your local seed dealer.

If we do not have a dealer close by, we will service you direct from our facility and will ensure the best cost and equivalent local delivery rates. If you would like your local dealer to sell cover crops to you, please feel free to contact us to find your local dealer.